Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day 13 - Leavenworth WA to Victoria BC

We arrived home on the 1:00 ferry out of Vancouver,.. It was a wonderful drive along Highway 2 in Washington until we hit the top of Stevens Pass, where we ran into rain, snow, fog and cool weather.. The rain stayed with us until around Bellingham and then backed off.  It was nice to be home.. some pics and trip specs later.

 Here are some stats of the trip for the 2004 MINI
Total distance:   5,223km.     (3,264.4 miles)
Fuel used:   102.92 US gallons (85.62 imperial gallons, 389.6 litres)
Fuel per travel: 31.72 miles per US gallon (38.13 miles per imperial, 13.41 km per litre)

 Here are some stats of the trip for the VTEC Mini.
Total distance:   5,285km.     (3,285 miles)
Mileage based on 5135km, 3191 Miles, as not filled up tank for the last miles traveled to get to 5285
Fuel used:   101.93 US gallons (84.8 imperial gallons, 385 litres)
Fuel per travel: 31.3 miles per US gallon (37.5 miles per imperial)

The mileages are really quite close between the two cars! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Day 12 - Quincy to Leavenworth WA- 312 miles, 502km

A shorter day today, and we were in the hotel by 1:00pm so had a chance to wander around the town and go for a beer and bratwurst!  and of course a soft pretzel.. traffic was light and  we took 97 north all the way, which has some boring straight stretches,but also some nice twisty was overcast and is 24 in Leavenworth, so good driving weather.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Day 11 - Quincy to Bend Or, 389 miles, 626km

A long drive today, we headed up 89 and through the Mount Lassen Skyway which was just opened today, as they were clearing snow and cleaning up washed out sections from the winter.  It a beautiful ride up with fabulous views.. will post some pics tomorrow as wireless here is too slow! Off to Leavenworth tomorrow..

pictures posted

Day 10 - Lone Pine to Quincy 339miles, 546km

Up early and on the road to beat the heat and any traffic. Lots of amazing scenery along the way with multiple changes in climate as we drove. Weather was quite hot as we are skirting Death Valley desert area, so I had the chance to use my home built seat cooler again! It worked amazingly well, keeping the water cool for most of the day, and providing me with cooling relief on my back. I also used this yesterday, and it pays off in the long haul as it kept me from overheating.  We took the 395 North and then cut over to 89 and went on the West side of Lake Tahoe, after gassing and eating in South Tahoe Here are a few pictures of the trip up..

 Some pretty dramatic sky along the way, but no rain just lots of wind and varying temperatures.

 At this point around Lake Tahoe, we had water on both sides of the road, and it was way down there!

 Near the northwest end of the lake..

We stayed at the Lariot Lodge again, nothing much changed at this motel for 40 years.. except the took down the sign of the cowboy lassoing and replaced with a new modern one.  No frogs in the shower this trip. Bill the owner is still here and it's the first time I have seen him without a Hawaiian shirt on.  He said his wife shrunk them, be she said he has outgrown them with his beer belly!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Day 9 - We turn aroud and head home. Sand Diego to Lone Pine, 294 miles, 473km

We left early this morning to beat the traffic out of town and headed north.. the farther we went the warmer it was until we were in the 90s as we pulled into Lone Pine. Some beautiful and unique desert type scenery along the way.  We are staying at the Dow Villa an historical Hotel where a lot of the old western movie stars stayed while shooting the movies, just up one of the side roads out of town.

Terry's best side while making a tweek to the gas pedal electronics..